Our staff and contractors are used to doing pretty much anything you want in order to establish and/or improve an appropriate web presence.
  1. For the design of your site MarkWorks will:

    • arrive at exactly the right ‘look and feel’ of the site for your needs
    • plan and build HTML, XHTML, database-driven and dynamically-generated pages
    • originate, source, process and optimize web graphics
    • display text and graphics in sober, static form; and/or with rotating, sliding, dynamic ‘effects’
    • automatically include printer-friendly pages
    • implement photo ‘album’, Flash, QuickTime, and similar image/video technologies
    • adapt print material to the web
    • design logos and provide artwork (extra cost)
    • set up audio and video streaming in a variety of formats
    • provide photo-gallery pages for you to display your own work etc
    • convert legacy file formats to files suitable for web publication (PDF, downloadable 'Office' files etc)
    • construct your pages and site in accordance with the latest advances in usability and optimal site architecture
  2. For your ecommerce site MarkWorks will:

    • set up and customize cart and payment options etc
    • advise on services related to the law - including copyright, intellectual property
    • submit your site to search engine using effective meta-tagging and page build
    • promote your site with banner ads and strategic placement
    • include site-wide searching on as many or as few pages as needed; include a site map
    • provide you with as many secure ‘Contact Us’-type forms with spam-prevention technology
    • set up and help you configure multiple email accounts, with forwarding if needed
  3. To ensure the best possible technical running of your site MarkWorks will:

    • source, arrange, set up, customize and maintain fully-managed hosting of all or part of your site
    • provide co-location if needed; handle all aspects of connectivity and security
    • install, customize and maintain your own servers, if desired
    • oversee server and site security… firewalls, Acceptable Use Policies, passwording etc
    • set up and maintain drop-boxes and online file management systems
    • carry out custom programming… for CGI, in Perl, Java, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Ajax etc
    • set up, customize and help maintain online chat services, blogs, Bulletin Board-style forums, RSS and news etc
    • set up fully customized mailing lists (listservs)
    • provide live event webcasting etc
  4. To ensure the maximum impact of your content MarkWorks will:

    • originate text for pages, if desired, including copyediting and proofing
    • provide training to your own staff so that they can maintain and upload your own new and edited content
    • translate and internationalize/localize your material as needed
  5. For you to understand how your site is being used MarWorks will provide a suite of analytical tools and services, including:

    • tracking of visitors, visits, time on site, most popular pages, origins of visitors, paths through your site
    • training, classes in HTML, the popular site-construction tools and usability engineering etc