MarkWorks has helped individuals, companies and organizations establish their first web presence. We have:
+ renewed and expanded existing sites+ advised on security, and on setting up listservs to reach members, friends, customers and supporters via automated email+ turned photos into digital galleries+ researched, sourced and implemented ‘member-only’ areas of existing websites, edited, promoted and helped promote training videosIn fact, there is very little to which the experienced staff at MarkWorks can’t turn our collective hands.

Some of our clients' sites. Disclaimer: most of the content on these sites is the clients' own.

Roberta Lannes


Sibelius Users


Viola da Gamba Society of Greater New York


Joseph Perloff


Classical Net

Michael Sandstrom, your


Roberta Lannes-Sealey


Zumwinkle Bland

ASB Director




Kensington Publications

How we work

Our clients' needs come first – all benefit from our expertise. We are generous with advice that comes from years of experience in web services and graphic design.

We respect the fact that - usually - clients' content is their affair; we rarely offer to intervene in the text itself; although we are very qualified to do so.

Some of our clients ask that we advise purely on layout and graphics; others want our entire design package. With other clients, we rethink their network security and provide new solutions. For some clients we find their renewed purpose and rebuild their entire sites as (corporate) priorities change. We have built – and rebuilt – sites from the ground up.

In each case, clients are able to monitor their website's reach and watch as traffic to their sites grows, and they and their product or services become more widely known. Putting you at the top of a search engine query's response will help your business, your site, get the viewing it deserves. That is our goal.