Mark Sealey


A partially-sighted, underly-solitary kid who will never forget that he’s from the back streets of Leeds, Yorkshire.

Now with his lifelong partner (a woman so special as to be almost undreamt of) in Southern Californian suburbia - temporarily reclaimed from the scrub and chaparral.


Not only ‘right attitude’. Also activism to make the world a better place when left than when found. Lifelong activism.

In labour movements locally. With those who see the best future will be without governments, hierarchies and coercion - and work towards freedoms and equalities internationally. For all our only earth universally.

Publishing words -- in lieu of music (the art to which all other arts…) happy, fahrenden, poet.


From educator to editor to web developer.

Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cambridge, Verona, London, Cumbria, Buckinghamshire, California.


The land also digitally. Ut musica pictora.